Michael Costanza

director of photography

From age 13 to now, Michael Costanza has been rooted in the film industry. His entry was born out of necessity, as his older sister needed a film loader and he fit the bill perfectly. By age 19, he was working on his first feature, “Earnest Scared Stupid.” In the eight years that followed, Michael worked as a 2nd AC, and soon after a 1st AC.  Michael soon graduated from being an AC to being a cameraman on several national spots for clients such as HGTV, and Gina, a Sundance Audience Award Winning film. In 2001, Michael set out as a cinematographer. Since then, he has shot over 500 videos and commercials for clients such as Herschend Family Entertainment, Tiffin Motor Homes, and Amridge University. In 2011, Michael became the DP on his first feature film, “Broken.” He also operates and owns AC Inc, a camera rental house in Nashville, TN. And his list of credits continues to grow.

©Michael Costanza 2013